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DJ Biopic has been listening to House Music through all types of periods and genres and has decided it’s time to be a Maverick, to be different, to hear House that he only dreamed of hearing in clubs, change the scene slightly with new inventive ways to bring Deep meaningful bass lines and quirky tracks to your ears. He doesn’t believe in sticking to one genre, so he crosses the boundaries to give you what he considers to be House with a difference.

I want you to know that I’ve a huge passion for deep bassful House and will continue to make tracks to display my passion for House music.. I will always bring you what’s in my mind (crazy mind blowing deep rooted house tunes)… For the love of House. Peace, Love and House

DJ Biopic


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Labels signed to currently:

Azucar Entertainment Inc / Open Bar Music/ HEAVY / BedroomRecords 09 / Mojear / A Deeper Groove / Eleonor Records / Kolour Recordings / Doin Work Records / FOMP / POMF

Affiliated labels –  Selekta Recordings / Hyper Production (SA)

Compilation Labels:
Doppelgaenger, Catharsis, Momentum League, Complex Textures, High Pro-File Recordings

Roland Ultra, Bompi-Hani Recordings, Weltrienelli Supa Sound, Achterdeck, Music Fit Kriterium

Restore Music, Refuse Trip Records, Minimal Stories To Tell, Urbantronic, Chemical Vibes,

Except House Rec, Solphet Music, Fleur du Mal Records, Maisons Minimalistes, Select Case,

DIGI Nuggets

Remix Labels:

Hype Muzik, SoundMen On Wax, Open Bar Music, A Deeper Groove, Doin Work Records


Radio Shows:

Check the Sunday & Tuesday live sessions or podcasts to see how Deep it gets. The show comes with a warning – Your head will nod until it hurts!

Mind Deep Confusion Session

(Every Sunday) on at UK Time 10am – 12pm (Afternoon)

(1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month) on at UK Time 7 – 9pm  / 11 – 13:00 PST)

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Club DJ:

London Club DJ who has played at some of the top London clubs who is expecting to take it the extra mile playing internationally when bookings arise.

DJ Biopic has the respect of many international DJ’s for what he bring to the decks with his diversity and stage presence, he knows no boundaries and brings the deepest of cuts where ever he plays.


Resident stations past & present: Fresh FM,,, LondonLive.FM, DERadio.CA,

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