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Deep House Music (Instrumentals Vs Vocals)

As a new wave of producers and DJ of Deep House (as per my mixes on my DJ Mixes page)  I have mainly focused my productions / track selections on instrumentals mainly as I don’t like anyone  telling me how to think or feel about a situation (which is what you find with most vocal music), whether it be Soulful House, R & B, Reggae,  House or other genres.  There is a side which says you can relate to vocals for experiences you may have come across which you are now sharing with the Artist, however, what about the fundamentals, the instruments, production, without the dependency of a voice!

I truly do believe that music is a feeling and I try to choose tracks or produce tracks that can carry themselves without needing to say “Wait wait listen to this part” or “it’s coming it’s coming wait for it”! to your mate…! They say “House is a feeling” so, that’s how it should be, no?

Your probably wondering where I’m going with this……… Well…………….!

Recently on my Internet sessions, I tried out a stats counter (Which I have stopped using, as I have no desire to be dictated to on what I should or shouldn’t be playing on my session) and it’s funny. Artists who have instrumental tracks that I play and some of the artists (are REAL BIG), with fantastic productions! listeners drop like a stone (Personally I think their tracks are wicked or I’d never play them), then I follow it up by a weaker vocal track and the listeners shoot straight back up. Now that’s not rocket science, however it’d seem to me that most listeners feel in touch with a voice, rather than to have to think about what the track is trying to achieve or allow their minds to be open enough to embrace the track and see it for what it is. GOOD MUSIC.

Minds need to be opened and that’s what my shows are about Confusion within the mind released to allow you to be more open within your interpretation and expression of Good Music.


An interesting read, though as it’s Wikipedia,”If you know more add or change”


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