Chill Til Late Records


Forgotten Dreams


My first addition to a compilation and what a compilation it is!
Who’d of thought that in only 5 months of being on Traxsource / Beatport I’d have managed to have a track at #42 in Techno on Traxsource. Accumulate a Top 10 Profile from 4 different labels with varying degrees of genre within the House scene and to put the cherry on top now added to a compilation under the label Doppelganger well known to all.


The ridiculously hot varied artists on this compilation is crazy and I’m real proud to have my offering ‘Forgotten Dreams’ as part of the compilation…. Those questions go through your mind! ‘Who chose it’ , ‘How’d they hear it’ ‘Why mine’ ….. That’s me all over though, well deep in thought…ALWAYS!


This is actually the second passing of Forgotten Dreams,  which topped my Beatport Top 10 profile on Mojear Records #1 and now is sitting pretty in only 5 days at number #6 also in my Top 10 on Beatport under Doppelganger ..


I was talking to one of my mates who wanted to hear some of my tracks, so; I pointed him in the direction of my Beatport Top 10. The first thing he said to me was “No Way’ is that you”! “I heard this track the other day on the radio and thought it’s weird, quirky, however gets you moving” and wondered who made it as he thought it was a banger….. hahaaa….. it was Forgotten dreams….!  You should of seen the look…..The Jaw Drop….. Hilarious….!