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My first ‘Mind Deep Confusion Session on DE Radio and what a start it was!!!

Didn’t record the first two tracks which was annoying, however when I over came the shock / horror I continued and delivered a chilled groovy Fusioned set.

So I’ll be doing a fortnightly 2hr session on check schedule for times!!!

Really enjoyed this session and hope you do too…

Track-listing will be on in the next couple of days… Check out the site as it’s been updated Big Time!!!

Have a good week

Peace out,


Track-ListingThough Were played on my session Mix starts from Track 3

1 Testament (Original Mix) Clere Soulful Testament Cabana
2 Lasga’s Return Iron Curtis Care EP Hudd Traxx
3 New Ways Ny*ak New Ways EP Fifty Fathoms Deep
4 The Hour Before (Dub Mix) DJ Biopic The Hour Before House HED Music
5 The Antenna (Main Antenna Mix) Sacred Soul, CJ Stones Jazz Couture Expanded Records
6 Secrets (Brokenbeat Mix) Mood Cafe Secrets Bantufro Productions
7 Whoo Hoo (original) OddXperienc Pound For Pound Do It Now Recordings
8 Night Heart Mark E Activity Futureboogie Recordings
9 Bochum Glenn Astro, Imyrmind No.30 Tartelet Recordings
10 Densemoments (Original Mix) Robert Babicz Duba Babiczstyle
11 Angel Dub Nail Nite Music Shabby Doll Records
12 Joe Does Jazz #1 (Guy Monk – Feeling Right) Various Artists Joe Does Jazz #1 i! Records
13 Sad N Blue thatmanmonkz Won Hunnid Delusions of Grandeur
14 Journey’s End (Original Mix) John Daly Shine EP Love Fever Records
15 Too Dark For You (Original Mix) Chaim, Metial Derazone Chinese Whispers – Rumors Label Sampler Rumors
16 Pushin’ On (Original Mix) Ankerstrom Since 1987 Hoover The House
17 Conquered Enemies Homework WOLFEP027 Wolf Music Recordings
18 Everything Is Different (Original Mix) Chris Dewell, Max Casebolt Everything Is Different EP Release London Records
19 Common Question? – Pt. 1 (Christo Remix) Mist Works Common Question? – Pt. 1 Atjazz Record Company
20 Dubno (Original Mix) Manns Dubno EP Channelled Recordings
21 The Same for Me Andy Hart La Même Pour Moi EP Heist Recordings
22 Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix Isntrumental Loop Session Shadows On The Sun (When You’re Not Here) Loop Sounds
23 Touch The Sun (Original) Atjazz Touch The Sun Atjazz Record Company
24 Tunnels Sisterhood Tunnels Tief Music

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