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This session was Split into two, however for some unknown reason it didn’t record as I had a problem with my laptop so switched to playing with CDj’s until my laptop sorted it’s self out, that’s the beauty of actually being able to mix, doesn’t matter the format just the tracks without no breaks so if you listened to the live session you’d be none the wiser……for those who know and can, Big your selves up!!!

This session was a session from track selected from era 2011 / 12 mostly, maybe even a lil 13 in there for your listening pleasure.

Well I thoroughly enjoyed this session as you’ll see getting excited with all those heavy beats.

Have a good week,

Peace out!


Track Listing

1 Not That Kind Of Girl (Original Mix) Miguel Campbell Rockin’ Beats Hot Creations
2 I Love Muzik (Alfred Azzetto Classic Mix) Walterino feat.. Kareem Discology (A Finest Collection of Glamorous Disco House & Classics Selected by Jamie Lewis) Purple Music
3 Obatala Y Oduduwa (Osunlade’s Yoruba Soul Dub) Osunlade pres. Sambas Obatala Y Oduduwa gotsoul
4 Execuses (GA Tecky Dub) Stephanie Cooke Beautiful Sampler EP King Street
5 Thoughts On (Original 2008 Mix) Iron Curtis Thoughts On 4lux Black
6 Ghettos & Gardens (DJ Version) Justin Martin Ghettos & Gardens dirtybird
7 Wipe Ur Mouth (Original Mix) Demarkus Lewis Snazz-A-Tron EP
8 In The Sun (Yoruba Soul Remix) Various Dragon-i In The House mixed by Gy, Copyright & Chris Samba ITH
9 El Pampero (Original Mix) Club Camarillo Erotic Winter Chill House
10 Back 4 More (Original Mix) Mr. Jools Tell Me What You Like Blacksoul
11 10 Days Only feat. Jen (Original Mix) Andrei Swipe 10 Days Only
12 Bread Plants (Original Mix) South Spirit Molto Club House Summer Session, Vol. 1 (Music Selected By Alain Ducroix) G Records
13 Smooth Moves (Original Mix) DJ Riquo Xmas Lounge Feeling Blissful Moods
14 Muzikman Can Feel It (Muzikman Edition) Muzikman Edition Muzikman Can Feel It Exemplary Music Makerz
15 Recall – Original Mix Deepgroove, Thieve Deepgroove & Thieve EP
16 Leave It to Me – Original Mix Danke You Make me Feel EP



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