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I really had the time of my life this year at the VocalBooth Weekender. So many talented DJ’s and beautiful people at this event it’s unreal. Never have I been to an event where I have felt so relaxed and at home. This is partly down to the event having an older crowd and secondly down to the type of music being played. This is certainly my kind of event and I had an amazing relaxed time, though beyond belief energetic in the most relaxed way all of the time (Proper mid bender).

90 DJ’s all giving it to the maximum, fuelled  by love and passion.

I played this year in the Pressure Cooker and delivered a set that I was very happy with, as you know me  I like to mess with the minds and genres so that’s what I did as you will hear a lil later on down below.

Massive Thanks and mahoosive love out to the Andy & Michelle Ward and anyone who worked amazingly hard to bring such an amazing event to the Spanish quarters. We really had an amazing time!!!

So first things first, let me show you some pictures of what I experienced on this fabulous event:


This is just a lil feel of the event and the Pictures probably don’t do it justice, however it was and is an amazing event.

So let’s get into the mix, hope you enjoy.

As always, Peace and Love




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